Irene Hoff

Irene Hoff – Holland is Indonesian based Dutch artist.

Well-known Dutch artist Irene Hoff is lauded in worldly art circles for her hugely popular acrylic paintings and collages. With her creations, Irene Hoff aims to get people into a dream state as often as possible, to tickle their fantasy, to humor them, to believe beyond the ordinary, to imagine the things they want out of life as often as possible, so they can actually pull it into their reality.

Picasso once said: ‘Everything you can imagine is real’. Quoting Irene: Stop thinking in boundaries, free your limited self, connect with a child’s mind and you will be able to create effortless and limitless.

Irene is a self-thought artist who almost lived half of her life in Asia. The principle of her work is combing real and unreal, the past, present & future, the seen and unseen, fiction and non-fiction. She uses themes such as the ‘World of Weast, in which she combines elements from the West and the East from into a Weast World, surpassing reality and fiction.

She also loves using animals as her subject matter and have them shout out a message to the world, moreover, to raise awareness for racing against animal extinction, for which several of her prints where recently signed by Leonardo DiCaprio and donated to an Asian wild life organization.

Irene loves to do commissioned artwork, blending inspirations to create a very individual and personalized piece of art. Irene uses her talent to tune in to the client’s ‘frequencies’, allowing a unique flow of ideas and creation between her and the client. Her brilliance in guiding and translating the client’s ideas, feelings and emotions will result in an artwork that is beyond expectations



Instagram: @art_irenehoff