James Mylne

James Mylne is a London based fine artist specializing in photo-realism through the use of ballpoint pens on paper.

He is considered a pioneer for the use of ballpoints in photo-realistic artwork. With the use of a normal Bic ballpoint pen (or biro) James will spend up to 200 hours working in intricate detail to create beautiful black and white drawings often combining the careful use of spray paints to add colour backgrounds. Although working mostly from small, old photographs to create his fine drawings, James has collaborated with famous photographers such as Terry O’Neill, Ex Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, and Roger Eaton.

His first solo exhibition was at The Conningsby Gallery, London, in 2008 which was the first ever exhibition in Europe (possibly worldwide) showing photo realistic ballpoint artworks. To date he has had 4 public solo exhibitions. His last representing gallery was Rook & Raven Gallery where he had his first sell out solo show in 2012, but is currently working as an in-dependant, full time artist working with various creative agents and art dealers.

He has collaborated on two major commercial projects. The first with BIC, which produced an online video of him recreating Vermeer’s “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” in their ballpoint pen, which went viral generating 3/4 million views on YouTube. 

The second with Microsoft which Saw him use their digital pens to create drawings on their newly released tablet. The works were revealed to the press at The National Portrait Gallery in 2014.

He was recently interviewed by BBC London News at a group exhibition at Westbank Gallery (Notting Hill) for a 3 minute televised and aired feature on his ballpoint drawings. Also in the February 2015 issue of GQ magazine, the editor in Chief, Dylan Jones, interviewed and wrote a two page piece on James and his work.

James’s biggest solo exhibition to date “Grandly Grimey” will be held at Westbank Gallery, opening on 22nd September 2016.

“Grandly Grimey” will show work inspired by old, elitist ideas of beauty subtly subverted to be at home in the modern, urban world where anti establishment feelings are widely surfacing. 

Notable Points

James is considered a “pioneer” for the ball-point art movement/medium.

One drawing can take between 25 – 100 hours to complete. The biggest of his drawings took over 300 hours.

He was featured on BBC London news with exhibition coverage and an interview in 2104, view on YouTube here.

Being ballpoint pen, you can’t rub out or paint over mistakes. Basically you can’t make a mistake.

His first solo show at The Conningsby Gallery in 2008 was the first ever exhibition in the UK showing photo realistic ballpoint artworks – possibly Europe.

Mylne has been publicly exhibiting his work since 2008. In 2012 he joined London art gallery Rook & Raven where he had his first sell out solo exhibition ‘Vintage Vogue’. He has since left the gallery and works non exclusively with various creative agents & art dealers.

The first artist in the world to create art using both ballpoint and spray paints together.

Influenced by the London street art scene; Mylne has been exhibited alongside Street Art legends such as Shepard Fairey, D*Face, Banksy, Mr. Brainwash and more.

James has collaborated with famous photographers such as Terry o”Neill, Ex Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, and Roger Eaton.

His most celebrated artwork is that of Audrey Hepburn, titled “Audrey”. 

Public Shows

2008 - solo show - Coningsby Gallery, West London

2008 - group show - Black Rat Press, Shoreditch, East London

2009 - solo show - “Piece of No-Mind”, Maverik Showroom, Shoreditch, London

2010 - solo show - Canvas Gallery, Wimbledon, London

2010 - group show - Stolen Space Gallery, East London

2011 - solo show - Good Human Studios, Camden, London

2011 - group show - Stolen Space Gallery, Shoreditch, London

2012 - group show - Rook & Raven gallery, Fitzrovia, London

2012 - solo show - “Vintage Vogue”, Rook & Raven gallery, Fitzrovia, London

2013 - group show - “Terry O’Neil: Reworked”, Rook & Raven gallery, Fitzrovia, London

2014 - group show - Thompson’s Contemporary, Chelsea, London (now closed)

2014 - group show - “The Collective”, West Bank Gallery, Notting Hill, London

2014 - solo show - “Something More”, Pop up space, Kings rd, London

2015 - group show - “Beyond The Hype”, Darren Baker Gallery, Fitzrovia, London

2015 - group show - “The Collective”, West Bank Gallery, Notting Hill, London

2015 - group show - “Urban In Ibiza 7”, Atzaro, Ibiza, Spain

2015 - group show - “The Other Art Fair”, Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London

2016 - group show - “MIX3”, The Underdog Gallery, London Bridge, London

2016 - group show - “RCA Secret”, RCA Gulbenkian Gallery, Kensington, London

James Robert Mynle

Born: 12/May/1981, London, England.
Education: Art Foundation at Chelsea Art College. BA degree in Drawing and MA degree, Camberwell College of Arts, London.

Website: jamesmylne.co.uk

Email: info@jamesmylne.co.uk