Jeremy Damato

Jeremy Damato's photographic journey begins in 2008. After being self-taught, he was initially drawn to street photography. In 2011 he processed & archived numerous rolls of American street photographer Vivian Maier's film, which resulted in an exhibition at the Cleve Carney Art Gallery in Glen Ellyn, IL. This experience contributed to his passion for analog and later his success in the world of documentary photography. In 2012 Jeremy was the unit still photographer for Wishing Well Pictures boxing drama "The Challenger" featuring Michael Clarke Duncan (Oscar nominee for "The Green Mile") in his final performance. He has gone on to take stills for United Airlines web-based series, "Big Metal Bird". Jeremy is based in Chicago, IL. He is currently working on a project about the disappearing middle class, which investigates the social, political, environmental, and historical issues in the United States. In February of 2018 he will be participating in a collective exhibition at the Agora Gallery in NYC

Artist Statement: 

Photography is best when it looks at ordinary things rather than sensational ones. In this age of hype and speed everything is foregrounded and in your face. A picture that is about background gets closer to the truth. Most of my photographs are of people; they are seen simply, showing quotidian life in America.

I believe that analog photography is the closest adaptation of the real world. It is raw and poetic. Which is why my work is largely shot on 35mm, medium format, black & white and color film.

My eyes search for people who exemplify hope and despair. Photographed in the realistic tradition of Walker Evans and Robert Frank.