Job Tibay

Entirely self-taught, I discovered my love and skill for painting when I ventured to create new artwork for my parents' newly-renovated home after I graduated from college. However, it was not until after almost 7 years of living and working in New York as a project manager and management consultant that I began pursuing my dream to be a professional artist.

Beauty drawn from imperfection captivates me. There is something mysterious and inspiring about it. That is one of the reasons why I love working on sinamay. Unlike canvas and other linen, sinamay is handwoven from the processed stalks of the abaca tree. The varying widths of each strand, the knots in random spots, and the loose open weave, give it a rough, uneven, sifter-like surface. These characteristics make each piece respond differently even to the same touch and technique. Yet, these nuances and seeming imperfections make the creative process an exciting journey and experience. Sometimes it absorbs, other times it pushes back, generating a level of unpredictability that stimulates a conversation along the creative journey.

My choice to work with sinamay is also a representation of my roots. It is woven from the strands of abaca, which is from the outer sheath of the trunk of a banana species indigenous to the Philippines, where I was born and spent a quarter of my life. With every artwork on sinamay, I feel as though I am exploring new grounds and horizons without ever losing touch with the place I first called home.