Jon Pannier

Jon Pannier (American, born 1965) is a New York-based artist whose work examines the profound cultural transformations of the mid-twentieth century and beyond. Overt hedonism, gender ambiguity, societal narcissism, and the impact of ubiquitous psychopharmacology are key themes that surface in his work. A former creative director in pharmaceutical advertising, Pannier employs an executional approach that incorporates commercial art techniques such as graphic design, textile repeats, digital printing, and fashion illustration. Pannier works primarily with archival pigments on canvas, fine art papers, and metals, producing works in both unique and limited editions.

Pannier’s current series Bacchanal examines the unprecedented hedonism of the glittering 1970’s. Ubiquitous and unapologetic pansexuality, along with socially acceptable party drugs like cocaine and Quaalude, fueled an atmosphere of bacchanalian excess in which the relentless pursuit of pleasure would become society’s prevailing raison d'être. The Quaalude’s embossed RORER 714 logo and Studio 54’s infamous man-in-the-moon-with-a-coke-spoon become the core icons around which the louche 70’s narrative unfolds. Immortal creatures like vampires and diablos symbolize the pinnacle of decadence while foreshadowing the looming specter of plague and addiction that was soon to kill the party forever.


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