Jörg Galka-Teisseyre

Jörg Galka-Teisseyre spent his childhood and youth in the German city of Paderborn, where he was born on 16 AUG 1962.

At the age of nineteen he moved to Le Mans, France,  and later spent a year in London, UK, too. In 1990 he and his partner for many years then moved to Strasbourg, France, and later in 2005 back to Germany where he now lives in the southwest German city of Kehl on the Rhine.

Ever since 1989 he is employed with a major European airline. Working as a flight attendant was and still is substantially beneficial for his passion for collecting objects of all kind allowing him to nurture his sense for the Arts and Aesthetics.

Since his early years he is fascinated by decorating his as well as other people’s homes combining colours and special paintbrush techniques in a rather unusual and very personal way. 

In 2013 he eventually combined his longterm decorating experience with contemporary abstract acrylic painting after having spent a three-months‘ therapy in a Black Forest mental clinic because of a longtime depression.

Learning how to master life’s difficulties by getting to know himself and his „Neighbour“, the time spent in therapy also opened up a kind of artistic Pandora’s Box in his life ; indeed it provoked a sort of Sturm-and-Stress period ever since in creating.

In his artwork he widely uses various objects and material such as gems, sequins, wood, metal, glass, glitter, nail enamel, paper, plastic, rust, drawstrings, gold, silver and copper foil, concrete, resin etc. which he collects or brings back from his flight destinations inspiring him to create his unique artwork.