Judith Meinhardt

Free, individual, anything else but normal, colorful, loud, in love with life, curious, brave, intense, emotional and vulnerable, enjoying the chaos of life that is Judith Meinhardt. Loving to meet new people, to extend her own boarders, to face her fears and loving every moment of it, that´s what makes her discover the world, moving to different countries and cultures. Educated as a professional Contemporary Dancer she was working as an international Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher. She discovered the art of painting for herself in 2001, now she paints huge acrylic paintings and exhibited in Cologne, Berlin, London, Barcelona and Rome. She loves spotting new materials and styles and enjoys the boundless being of art. She learned Video Editing by herself and is working as a freelancing Video Editor for international TV and loves to merge her creativity in art and dance videos. In 2013 Judith Meinhardt started practicing Vinyasa Yoga at the Yogaloft Cologne. 2 years later she travelled to India to experience Ashtanga Yoga with her Indian teacher Balu Thevar, who taught her not only the physicall skills but also how to change your state of mind, because your mind loves to trick you and set bounderies where there are actually none. In 2017 she finaly decided to become a Yogateacher so she can share the beauty of Yoga, getting rid of boundaries that hold you back from being free, pure and truly yourself. Now she is teaching Vinyasa Yoga, Contemporary Ballett and Modern Dance, still working as a Video-Editor and expressing herself in her art of painting.

Life is preciious, be here now…

Judith Meinhardt, born in Starnberg (Germany), lived in Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Los Angeles and Cologne is a Dancer, Painter, Choreographer, Video-Editor and Yogateacher.

Life is filled with opportunities. One should try them all. Be pure…!“

„Without Art, Chaos, Creativity and Yoga Life for me would not be imaginable. Life means to create, to express yourself, enjoying the moment…be here now! Life is filled with opportunities to discover the beauty of change. One should try them all. Be pure…!“

Website: http://www.judithmeinhardt.com/galerie/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JudithMeinardtArtist/