Κaterina Kaloumenou

Κaterina Kaloumenou was born in Athens. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Painting with professors Μr. T. Patraskidis and Mr. Z. Arvanitis (1998 - 2003). She has attended lessons of Hagiography by Mr. S. Giannoudis (2000 - 2002), Scenography by Mr. G. Ziakas (2000 - 2002) as well as Mosaic with Mrs. D.  Aggelidou (2001 - 2003). She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts (EETE). Has undertaken the design of covers and illustrations for book publishing "Telethrion" (Paramythoupoli, 1998) and "En Plo" (Folk Tales of Crete 2003, Folk Tales of Istanbul, 2006). She has worked as an assistant in mosaic decoration of churches (Church of St.. Nikolaou, Kallithea 2003, Monastery of Simon Petra, Mount Athos, 2004) and has made mosaics for individuals.

As a painter of scenery has worked for the play "The Magic Filter" directed by P. Kapodistria (2004). Also engaged in Byzantine Art and has made the painting of portable Byzantine icons (I. N. t. Marcella, Chios 2005, J. N. St. Efstathiou, Chicago, USA 2007, 2008). Since 2005, deals with painting decorating Easter candles.

She has taught design - color in IEK AKMI for the fall semester in the part of professional make-up (2007 - 2008) and painting at the art studio creative occupation «Travelling - Hello Kids» for children 4 to 12 years (2007 - 2011). Also in the children's painting department at the Municipality of Athens (2009 - 2011). For the school year (2010 - 2017) worked as an assistant teacher aesthetic education in Primary Education. She has participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad.     

                                                       Thoughts and Feelings

How many times have we caught our minds to travel before the image of the horizon of the sea that sometimes can be calm and sometimes stormy. The same can happen to us in view of a picturesque landscape with tall trees, beautiful flowers, singing birds and the sound of running water. All that I feel and I hope others feel, seeing these pictures, take us far away mentally and arouse emotions in each person varies depending on what he has experienced in his life. This feeling is created, I try to pay through truly inspiring landscapes of the Greek nature, scenes of everyday life of earlier times to our own from our tradition. Occasionally, the inspiration may be through listening to a favorite song, a religious hymn, and we generally melodies that touch me. I do not know if I manage everything, but everything that I want to see through my eyes and try to portray a visual effect. In this effort, using different materials and techniques. And the journey in colors continues ...

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