Larisa Deac

Papertint was created by Larisa Deac, as a means to share her modern abstract art with the world. Papertint is about tints of color on paper, canvas and any other materials the artist wants to experiment with. 

The paintings explore abstraction through vibrant colors and textures, using solely acrylics as a medium. Inspired by emotion and how the sun captures the surroundings, the artist focuses on a couple of major themes: motion and light. Even if the subject in mind isn't always something happy, it is portrayed in a positive manner through the choice of color and type of brush strokes. 

Larisa Deac is from Romania and has lived in several countries including Portugal, Finland, and United States. Immersing herself in other cultures and new environments is a big part of her. She got interested in painting while living in Finland. During a stressful time at work and while the Finnish climate was a bit cold, she started painting to create more positive energy around her and hasn't stopped since. 

Her process starts with layering paint to give the artwork a certain depth, and preparing a color palette. Interested in how different shapes blend on canvas, she allows the final result to change based on intuition. 

The intention is that the art would transform people's environment and allow them to feel more focused and inspired.


Instagram: @papertint