Latesha Houston

Latesha was born in North Carolina U.S.A and migrated with her family to Australia when she was a young girl, exploring her creativity through painting, drawing and writing. She has always been a creative and fond of arts and crafts from a young age. Her path has been a windy one and she has worked for many years in the corporate office environment. l Her creativity has since taken over and she now enjoys many elements of the creative process whether it be through murals, teaching, live art, drawing, sketching and illustrating. She is inspired by great artists who push colour boundaries such as Henri Rosseau. She is a self-taught and multi -faceted artist. She loves to draw first and her works on paper include inks, gouache, watercolour and ink pens. Her other beloved medium consists of oils, acrylics and enamel on canvas. Equally in love with both she incorporates the same themes across both areas of her work. She is the eternal wanderer and discoverer of nature and its beauty and this is where she draws her inspiration. 

Latesha’s current body of work explores the mesmerising energy of her natural environment and the places and travels that it takes her on, often with a spiritual symbology included. This work represents a visual diary of sorts, full of rich natural life as she aims to display the delight in everyday nature and all that is overlooked. Often the use of birds, butterflies and flowers can be found in her work to express the idea of freedom, beauty, harmony and grace in all that she sees. 

In order to highlight and communicate her internal visual dialogue Latesha uses the energy of bold vibrant colours to uplift and to express the beauty that lies in and around us always. This collection of work is predominantly representative of the subtropical climate in Australia in which she now resides. 

Her use of two mediums in this collection allows her to express the duality of her work; the richness of 

colour and energy through oils on canvas encompassing various textures and techniques and the more finite, illustrative detail in ink mixed with free-flowing watercolours. 

Her motto being to `spread a little light to the world through the canvas’