Laura Baez Lacayo

Laura Baez Lacayo, with more than 40 group exhibitions and a solo show, was selected for the book "The Best of 2016" International Emerging Arts Award, Art Dubai, precisely because of its metaphor of the sea and the mind. Laura has won several awards, among them, we can mention the invitation by curator Despina Tunberg, of ARTAVITA, to participate in November 2016 in Spectrum Red Dot Miami. She also appears in the book BETWEEN CENTURIES, Central American contemporary art, as well as ICA, International Contemporary Art, publishers selected her for their annual book 2016 in New York, USA. And among others, in their country she was awarded in 2004 with the Third National Painting Prize, the Competition "Antonio Sarria", by the Central Bank of Nicaragua and in 2002 she was recognized as a finalist for the National Painting Prize "Toribio Jerez" by Central Bank of Nicaragua and currently, she was selected by the Ministry of Culture of Nicaragua, to exhibit at “Horizontes do Arte na America Latina e o Caribe”, Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, Brasilia, DF. 

My project COMI-NICA

Throughout most of history, bonds and shared cultures have been created when meals are prepared and shared. We need to bring the importance of community back into food. Our heritage is often passed down and intimately bound up in the food we eat. Food availability, climate and cooking techniques, evolved over many generations have united individuals and groups of people into a distinct culture. There is no closer relationship than the one with the family and food plays a large part in defining family roles, rules, and traditions. It helps us to discover attitudes, practices, and rituals surrounding food, it sheds light on our most basic beliefs about others and ourselves. It is the color, the texture and the taste of our identities as a country.  We are habituated to seeing road fences or big pictures in restaurants of big blow-ups from hamburgers and pizzas. Why do not we see huge blow-ups of Gallo Pinto, Tajadas, Vigorones, Chanchos with Yuca, Nacatamales, Dulces de la Purísima o Quesillos? It is mainly because what we consider "best and marketable" are international flavors; our flavors are kept at home or in rural villages, and receive no commendation or substantive attention, because we consider our flavors as "intimate ". That is why I chose the theme, to emphasize Nicaragua's culinary richness and show it as what it is, Art, unique flavors and colors.