Lee Shin

Lee Shin was a dentist and had a dentist certificate in California. In order to pursue her dreams, she started and a Flamenco dance company MiFuego in 1995, which was the first of its kind in Taiwan. As the pioneer, she introduced the art and culture of Flamenco to the citizens of Taiwan, and Flamenco dance became widely accepted throughout the country.

Through the years, her paintings have been the reflection of her life and passion, covering topics of love, desire, the beauty of men, gender and its power dynamics, solitude, sadness, desperation, and sometimes just of her clowder of cats.

She has participated, both domestically and internationally, in diverse individual and collective expositions, in cities such as Taipei, Fukuoka, Busan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, and Venice. She is also an active artist at Tai Hwa Pottery, where she designs and paints various potteries.