Lindsay Hall

A West Coast native, Lindsay Hall is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Arlington, Virginia. She received a master's of fine art in painting from Indiana University in 2016, as well as a bachelor's of art in painting and drawing (2012) and a bachelor's of art in journalism and media studies (2010) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her work has been exhibited nationally at venues such as the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, the Janet Kurnatowski Gallery (New York), the New Hampshire Institute of Arts, Kent State University (Ohio), Indiana University-Bloomington, and the Target Gallery (Virginia), and is featured in Volume 38 of Studio Visit magazine. She has co-curated group exhibitions in Indiana and New York. Lindsay received the Ilknur P. Ralston Memorial Award in Visual Arts in 2016. She recently completed the Post-Graduate Residency Program at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. 

I create colorfully titillating pieces that engage the notions of pleasure, beauty, and the perverse as they relate to the body, sexuality, and the intimacies and vulnerabilities of human interaction. The resulting pieces and installations fantasize these shared human experiences, often sugarcoating shame and disgust with a provocative playfulness. 

The forms are reminiscent of bodily orifices, luscious fleshy lumps, and confections. Superficially, my work serves as eroticized eye candy, but further inspection suggests the layered innuendos and the juicy persuasions. The work is sensuous in nature, often provoking haptic responses. Desire and temptation become valuable components for experience and interpretation. 

My interdisciplinary practice fuses sculpture, painting, installation, and drawing. I source an eclectic range of materials to combine contrasting textures and forms in reference to binaries: attraction/repulsion, feminine/masculine, hard/soft, beautiful/grotesque. 



Instagram: @lindsay_a_hall