Lisa Saad

Lisa Saad

Director. Photographer. Perfectionist. 

Lisa Saad combines creativity, 30 years of industry experience and a relentless passion for the art of photography to create award-winning work that speaks for itself. Her promise of quality and experience in all platforms of digital and analogue media adds a unique flavour to her distinctive style. 

Lisa’s photographic work has gathered acclaim both locally and internationally. She is currently the 2016 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year as well as the 2017 & 2016 Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year. Apart from over 200 awards to her name, Lisa is also an Ilford Master and the brand ambassador for Manfrotto, Phottix, Epson and Eizo.

Her most recent project ‘The Anonymous Man’ series has even found its way to the silver screen. Many pieces from the collection adorned the walls of the award-winning TV show Utopia, throughout its season 3 showcase.

Lisa Saad is an accomplished Advertising and Commercial Photographer as well as a shooting DOP with over 29 years experience in image development, creation and delivery and is always on the hunt for unique photographic briefs. Lisa has always believed that good quality photography should be accessible to everyone and that no one should miss out the opportunity to work with a professional photographer. Her experience in all platforms of digital and analogue media has made her an expert in producing imagery, digital manipulation, branding and campaign requirements and old school techniques. 

Lisa’s in depth knowledge of all levels of client briefs, pre & post production, casting, lighting & camera requirements, crews, locations, retouching, composites, layered effects, cinematography, video editing and delivery has been proven over and over again and without fault hitting each and every brief, everytime. Lisa is the 2016 AIPP Australian and Victorian Photographer of the Year, the AIPP 2016 Australian Professional Advertising Photographer of the Year, the AIPP 2016 Victorian Professional Commercial and Illustrative Photographer of the Year. An ILFORD Master, the Australian Professional Ambassador for Manfrotto and is sponsored by Epson. 

Artist Statement: The Anonymous Man

This series of images is based around the idea of a dreamscape. Each image represented itself to me in a flash, as a fleeting moment in full realisation or as a tone of colour. The images are open for your interpretation within their closed borders. Do you see that we are becoming more and more anonymous within the urbanised world we live in? Do you see what we build new for old? Do you see how we communicate in a faceless manner? We are always making decisions, always deciding to step one way or the other and we are always looking for greener pastures or is it the easy way out? The pressures, the freedoms and the unexpectedness of our urbanised worlds is shown differently through the arresting and simplicity of the architecture and the insignificance of our lives pushed to the very corners of the frame. Look closer...