Liudmila Panenkova

Born in 1986; Moscow, Russia

My expression method is based on the attraction of the audience’s attention to the details and switching on the individual's creative thinking. I try to study how the perception works and find the visual symbols which could be easily associated with the daily senses and emotional states and subsequently memorized. Keeping my personal anthropological insight on the modern “art de vivre”, taking into consideration the political and economic sensations, religious and ideological topics, I concentrate on working out the "emotional alphabet" useful for all, above the national. cultural, educational and even gender factors; I can identify my graphic style as "magical realism", designed to show the another dimension in which the ordinary things live. My drawing manner was influenced by studying of the engraving art techniques of Gustave Dore and Francisco Goya, my ideas are still focused on the nature of the goodness and evil in the mankind following Ieronim Bosch; my inspiration finds me studying the works of Rene Magritte, Edward Hopper, "metaphysical painting" of  Dali and Escher's imp-art.