Magdalena Tarasiuk-Waga

I come from Poland. I hold a Master’s degree in Arts and I graduated from the Photography Academy in Cracow.

It is in minimalism where I find the richness of impressions. 

In my photos, I capture carefully thought-out colours and arrangements in frames, I draw my photographs intuitionally but consciously at the same time. An object, although frequently insignificant, is the biggest source of inspiration for me. It provokes discovering or arranging a 3-dimensional relation in a 2-dimensional plane whose visual frames, however, should not constitute an ideological constraint. A complete arrangement is conditioned by the felling of harmony of colours and coherence in the adjustment of shapes. 

In ceramics, I experience the matter, I touch the space. I shape by winding down. I change the evanescent thoughts into a simple form of visible interpretation.