Mar Vázquez-Roy

Mar Vázquez-Roy was born and lives in Madrid. She is graduated in Publicity and Public Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid.  

She has been working as a copywriter for 15 years. Her experience in the creative world of advertisements has definitely influenced her art.  

She has taken painting, artistic drawing, graphic design and hyper-realistic sculpture courses. 

She discovered her passion for sculpting in 2012.  



    ▪    Emma Gallery. Group exhibition. Madrid. Spain.

    ▪    San Vicente Gallery. Group exhibition. Alicante. Spain. 

    ▪    Ara Arte Gallery. Solo exhibition. Madrid. Spain.

    ▪    Almoneda Navidad (Art and Antiques Fair). Madrid. Spain.


    ▪    Galerie Artes. Group exhibition. Paris. France.

    ▪    Eka&Moor Gallery. Group exhibition. Madrid. Spain.

    ▪    DONOSTI ARTEAN, I Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo San Sebastián. Galería Eka&Moor. San Sebastián. España.


M.ª Nieves Martín Gallery. VII Extremadura Contemporary Art Fair VIVE-ARTE 2015. Villafranca de los Barros, Badajoz. Spain. 

    ▪    Eka&Moor Gallery. Group exhibition. Madrid. Spain.


    ▪    Eka&Moor Gallery. Group exhibition. Madrid. Spain.


    ▪    Centro Cultural Conde Duque. Group exhibition "Haciendo barrio". Madrid. Spain.

    ▪    Art Fair Málaga 2017. España. Digital exhibition sort.

    ▪    WE ARE FAIR, International Fair for Emerging Art in Madrid. Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid. Spain.


My sculptures are unsetting, disturbing.  Sometimes they cause a feeling of unease, as if they seemed too much unreal within the routine character.

In most of them the reality is caught by surprise, creating a surreal and peculiar universe plenty of stunning situations because of its ridiculousness or the unexpected finals. Human expressions and human figures are the main subject in my artworks. They´re all common and imperfect people, apart from any canon of beauty, who are photographied within surprise, stress, fear or desperation.

I am inspired by accidents or daily mishaps and human reactions to those situations, that will sound familiar to many people.

All my artworks include a discordant color part which breaks the chromatic harmony and stand as the expected element of surprise. 

The title of each piece, created as an advertising headline, come full creative circle and is the key to understand the final meaning. 

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