Maria Fatjó Parés

Maria Fatjó Parés (Barcelona, 1976) 

She is an artist with no formal training. In other words, a self-taught painter. As mostly naïve painters, she is always learning while she goes on painting her own work. She works oil painting on canvas. 

Her starting point or main reference she had was the painter Pere Torné-Esquius (Barcelona 1879 – Flavancourt 1936). In particular, the eleven paintings by Torné-Esquius about childhood world that had decorated a child’s room. These eleven paintings were exhibited in a fine-art gallery in Barcelona (Sala Parés) from end of 2006 to the beginning of 2007. 

Those paintings caught her attention in a special way because of being particularly dedicated to children and childhood. What she liked the most of this sort of painting was that child and adult could gather to observe it enjoyably. 

Since she saw those paintings until now, she has been working to develop her own style with the following purpose: to include children and adults as art observers of the same painting style.