Marina Capdevila

Marina Capdevila is a freelance illustrator based in Barcelona. Her work covers from small illustrations to huge wall paints.
She loves to exaggerate these situations and give them a very peculiar sense of humor.She have recently presented my first solo show NEVER TOO LATE FOR A FIRST DATE in Barcelona."Never Too Late for a first date” is a collection of illustrations that reflects elder people’s behavior when dating.

"What inspires me is the elderly and especially my grandparents. We could say that my grandmother is my muse. I am inspired by beauty that doesn’t follow the usual canons. It inspires me to see grandparents sitting on a bench, timeless and lost in a society that they’re already beginning to struggle to understand. What I like to communicate with my artworks is the desire to reach old age with full vitality, joy, still living life to limit. Living life to the fullest until the end. I'm afraid of aging."