MARLO - Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky

Nationality: Swiss, Austrian and Greek, born in 1941

Marlo lived in the French speaking swiss mountains, in Montreal, Lugano (Italian speaking Switzerland), Geneva, Tunis, Vienna, Rome and finally settled down in Geneva.

Art studies at UCLA, University of California at Los Angeles

Study of Giorgio Vasary's « Lives of the best painters, sculptors, architects XIV to XVI, first methodological and biographical approach to art studies and still a reference today. 

Marlo started painting when she was twelve, an inner refuge to her questionings and her family's changing life which she had to cope with and adapt to quickly. She thus developped a curious, somewhat distant eye on her environments, saving in her mind impressions, atmospheres, colors, skies, sceneries which years later come to life on canvas, surging from her mind and soul, be it pastels, aquarelles, oils and finally acrylic's many techniques, suiting her intuitive, « alla prima » painting. As she also is also a prized poet, painting and poetry came to her rescue when tragedy fell onto her two children, enabling her to express her pain and emotions, as well as to find the way back to life, opening a door to her talent by increasing her artistic sensitivity through this form of meditation and inner-balancing out. Poetry is the weft of her works, painting expressing through colours, composition and techniques what poetry says in words and rythm. 

Marlo's parents gave her the love of art. So when in Rome, she took in this country's richness,studying the great masters and training her eye by contemplating them endlessly, best art school she still indulges in, forever trying to enrich therewith her modern art.

Solo or group exhibits in Switzerland, France, Milano, London 1995-2015

Selected to appear in:

    WorldWideArtBooks–ArtavitaGallery WWAB books : « International Contemporary     Masters XI, 2016     and XII, 2017», « World Masters 2017 »

    The First Berliner Art Book. 02.2017 by Art Management Berlin 

Three Prizes of Excellence in Artavita Gallery 's three yearly contests

  Exhibitions :

    WWAB and Exhibitions – Artavita : Museum of Las Vegas, 04 - 07.2017

    ARTEXPO New York, 04 2017 with WWAB Exhibitions- Artavita Gallery 

    Spectrum MIAMI, 12.2017 with WWAB Exhibitions - Artavita Gallery 

With the ARTBOX.Concept

    ART MIAMI 12, 2016 , ARTBASEL, 06,2017; to come : Hong kong, Singapor, Zürich

 STEINER Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 07-08.2017

    Saatchi online Artist recognition, 5 star trust pilot, in a promotional campaign and collection


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Sceneries : Poetic images, colors replacing words, composition, verses, brush strokes, rimes.

Atmospheres : In mind saved snapshots of an ambiance, a moment in time.


World events painted under their emotional impact, conveying their essence.

Story telling abstracts surging from inner-self directly on canvas expressing soul's yearning.


Emotional action painting : Feet, fingers, hands, palms ...When the body urges to take part.


Abstracts vibrations : Colour assemblages in horizontal lines or variations on one main colour.