Mateusz Twardoch

My name is Mateusz Twardoch, I'm from Warsaw, Poland. I was born in 1987. Through my dreams and symbols I go from very personal feelings to a complete piece of work, the reception of which is frequently different for various people. I do not want to obtrude one meaning, or any specific meaning of my paintings. I make them for others to think, be part of my dream, to pursue a symbol. I want my art to be spiritual, calm and personal. By its means I wish to study the subconscious and the very meaning of symbols.

In my early years I learned basics of drawing from my grandfather, who was a traditional painter, a cartoonist and a mentor for me. In 1998 I started my first drawing lessons in a local community centre, and I took some of these through my teen years, but basicly I'm a self-taught person, finding inspiration in my dreams, mythologies and women. I’ve graduated from The Jagiellonian University in Cracow, on the History of Arts Institute in 2011. My works were published in various art magazines such as The Alarmist Magazine, or Last Laugh Magazine, and via artistic social media as Beautiful Bizarre Magiazine, or Weird Tales Magazine. Besides of painting I used to work with fashion designers, and scenographers. I had seventeen exhibitions so far, including 3 idiosyncratic, complete series (Dream Frames, Fairytale of Symbols, and Pantheon of Thrills).