Mauro Martin

My name is Mauro Martin and I was born in Pinerolo, in the North-West of Italy. After attending Art School I studied architecture at the Turin Polytechnic. I was a pupil of both Beppe De Valle and Raffaele Ponte Corvo's.
My work covers different aspects of the visual arts: painting, sculpture,  photography and  film-making.
I always apply the "less is more" minimalist principle to all of my works, which are characterized by compositional essentiality and structural rigour as well as being enhanced by the constant use of  a rule of classical origin, widely employed during the Renaissance-the Golden section. 

Critical note:

Roland Barthes once stated that what photography can reproduce endlessly occurred once only and that it mechanically repeats what can never again happen. As a painter, not only does Mauro Martin possess the ability to capture precious, unique moments of being, as we can see from his remarkable, stunning portraits, but he skillfully uses natural light to transform his subjects into sculptures where “what can never again happen” is made eternal through the intensity of the feelings expressed. Mauro Martin’s artistic quest is deeply rooted in the Classical tradition: as we carefully look at his works we can find the subtle presence of several layers, reminiscences of the Ancient Egyptian and Greek art and the Italian Renaissance in particular, which the artist has absorbed in a refined, erudite way. He always applies the “less is more” philosophy to any of his works, achieving deep metaphysical meanings. The subjects in his photographs look as if they had been carved out of a block of precious marble: they express the ineffable with great intensity, portraying the sublime of the feminine essence. There is nothing mechanical in this artist’s work: when he takes photographs he is both a philosopher and a sculptor from the past, inspired and delicate, conveying the timeless message of pure beauty to the modern world. 

Heather Moorland