Menno Vos

Menno Vos was born in 1958 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands and lives in Apeldoorn since 1990.

It started with photography. During his travels around the world he made photos and was especially interested in making a nice composition: colors, light, dark. For almost 7 years he had a stock bureau. His photos were published in more than 10 travel magazines in the Netherlands.

In 2012 a good friend of Menno brought him in contact with an abstract painter. Menno was fascinated by his art and after a few workshop he was caught by painting. It felt as if a new life started! 

He started with acryl and also tried ink. His abstract paintings explore texture and color as they relate to the natural world. Vos uses techniques of both building and breaking down to create his threedimensional patterns. He puddles his paint and then scratches deep grooves into it. He layers thin, unbroken drips of paint over abrupt, energetic daubs. His palette swings between jewel tones and glowing brights. His inspirations are the people he meets, images he sees and emotions he feels during traveling. He is interested in how people live, what they think, where they live. His paintings are the result of his desire to understand people. Full of color, depth and sometimes a bit mysterious. 

A Vos landscape shows a lake of rich blue framed by long streaks of green, or a forest made of a mass of lively vertical lines. A typical still life depicts a flower as a burst of color with a stem and leaves: a visual merging of plant, sunlight, and earth. His subject matter is varied by default – he has seen many different terrains – but his aesthetic is mature enough to tie each piece.

His paintings always come from the heart. They show who he is and that he loves life. 

He developed his own style, had several exhibitions in the Netherlands, New York, Las Vegas and upcoming in Turin, Lisboa, Vienna and Miami. His paintings were published in several art magazines in the USA and Europe. He is member of the artcollective PS20 and one of three owners of a gallery in Apeldoorn.