Merja Simberg

Merja Simberg is a painter based in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from the ‘Free Art School’ in 2010. Since then, she has been focusing on abstract painting. Merja lives and works in Helsinki and Hanko. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Finland as well as Japan, Brazil, the U.S. and Italy. 

The Free Art School’s approach puts an great deal of emphasis on light and colour.

Merja Simberg carries that in the creation of her art. The intensity and perception of colours inspires her and allows her to create and observe how the colours move, the tensions, contrasts and depth variations. Her working process is physical and expressive. She paints several canvases on the floor one after the other.

She works intuitively and does not stick to any certain rule. She says: “Painting is an adventure where I am an anxious explorer -I want to go for the unexpected!  

I question humanity and try to convey and express my emotions through abstraction.

The naming of my work carries a message that plays an important role for the viewer as a mean for understanding my intentions and thoughts. ”