Michal Straška

I was born in Slovakia, 1980. I now operate in my home village Horné Orešany in a downhill of the mountains Little Carpathians. I spent most of my childhood free time in the intimate forests with my friends playing various games and observing nature and sky during day and night time. These experience influence also my art career.  

I started with art in november 2009. First drawings were portraits, where I practiced different age-faces from babies to old people. But I changed my interest in depicture of landscapes and city motives. In my artworks I draw the reality with my own vision. Through different techniques and perspective I adjust on plain paper third dimension, which brings an effect to a viewer, that he is a part of the drawn scenery. In some artworks I depicture also another dimension - moving. The most I like in these kinds of sceneries is contrast between static and dynamic objects in the drawing.

I draw from referencephotos, which I have taken by myself during my journeys. It is about observing and perception of the reality and quick transformation visual signals to different associations. 

As I start to draw an artwork, I go area through area of the reference picture. First I start on raw forms in first area and then work till to tiny details in it. This way a go through whole drawing until it is all done and prepared to send to the world and to make the joy the final collector during whole his life. To complete an artwork in 58x40cm size takes around 150hrs. The collector don't buy only a thing, he buys also a part of my hart, a part of my soul and part of my life too.

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