Michele Macchia


Michele Macchia was born in Corato (Ba), where lives and works in 56 G. Carducci street. He attended the School of Art in Corato (Art Institute-Ceramics). He parteciped in different exhibition throughout in Europe and in U.S.A.. His painting have been published in several catalogues and art books.


The premise is that the way I paint develops in three different ways.

The first is the classic way, that is the only painting, where I use mostly acrylic colors that have a brilliant yield, just right for the result I want to get. In summary, after drawing the main part of the work that I want to represent, I think about the color , and at the same time, while the work changes I feel transported by the energy  coming from the surrounding space like air, the cosmos , The universe, the music, the inner energy ext... It comes through the mind and goes into my hands, which are the tool to bring the work to life.

The second way is like the first, as described, but on a canvas where I previously past pieces of paper or newspapers, advertisements, posters and so on. This serves to create a backstage scenery and helps to give depth to the  work and make the picture real.  So two types of communication and narrative are created. The third way is the Collage, which I call stratified collage, in which I add  , instead of destroying and subtracting. In this way I create multiple levels of reading.  Also  color creates another layer.

Color is the primary element of my work  that is constantly evolving, and the design that it conceals inside is also very important because is the frame, the skeleton that supports the narration of ' Opera; This is characterized by intense and lively chromium and images that are immediately usable and create a complex paths that capture the eye of the spectator and drags him into a fantastic dimension. My main goal is to give shape to what does not exist and is not visible because it exists only in the mind and is the result of visions belonging to the world of the mystery. The primary idea is that in a world where consumerism is expanding and advertisement is imperative,  the work must adapt to all this becoming something that really catches the eye of ' Observer and something that strikes and hypnotize him , otherwise nobody will notice it . That's why I use bright colors, words and images taken from ads. Also for the collage I focus on issues such as consumerism, deception and vanity of present society, forming a compositional way of symbolizing virtual concepts that denounce the ephemeral and the visionary, by analyzing the degradation of the Content and the image consumption. It is destined for its very nature to quickly exhaust all the fragile and evanescent myths typical of our time. They are metaphysical images that slip into a surrealism of chromatic and morphological impacts, in which cubist elements blend into rhythms of colors, fluid forms and great cinematics and stylizations, ancestral references to an intellectual and spiritual path, a vision of a world Observed with deep critical sense, but also with sarcasm and mocking detachment from the advertising world.

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