Misa Aihara

Misa Aihara is a japanese contemporary artist recognized for her lyrical abstract compositions of vibrant colors and elegant , expressive lines.

She was born in Ibaraki-ken, a prefecture of Japan and graduated from Joshibi Univ. of Art and Design, Tokyo. She has exhibited her works in numerous exhibitions since the early 1970’s in Japan and all over Europe and in USA. She also participated in Florence Biennale, London art Biennale andreceived an award from Chianchiano Art Museum, The Global Art Awards, 1st “Prince of Salinas -Gottopardo” Art Critic Award and so on. 

-I am always open to the things that come to me through my five senses in

my daily life. Some are color and form, some of them come through communication by words and sounds, and others come through the atomosphere in the sense of smell, touch and so on.  

I always observe my painting to get inspiration for the next step from the hintof a color either in a small part of the canvas, the whole structure of the canvas, or the atomosphere of the image. When I misread the the hints, I analyze the reason for my mistake and try to find another step. I always repeat this process to complete a painting.

I want to evoke profound feelings in the viewer and invite them to explore deeper dimensions of consciousness.

Webpage: www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~uam 53283

E-mail: aimi@kra.biglobe.ne.jp

Facebook: http//www.facebook.com/misako.aihara.50