Montserrat Martinez

Montserrat Martinez

Painting | illustration | Photography | Short Stories 

Born in Tenancingo, State of Mexico, 1988. 

At an early age of 6, started drawing with her eldest brother Hugo Martinez, a former Architect. 

Her childhood was surrounded by different type of Art. From Universe knowledge, Sciences, Music to Films.

At her school years, going from Gastronomy to Filmmaking careers, decided to settle down and quit Digital Animation to compromise full time in Art Creation, this was a tuff moment in her life, assuming big changes. 

Montserrat Martinez profess a big love and admiration to her roots, most of her creation is inspired in a colorful Mexico, she wants to enhance the culture and beauty of her country, leaving apart the difficult situation that is lived nowadays in Mexico. 

"It is a matter of choice to where focus our attention, and I choose the beautiful and bizarre." "I'm a proud Mexican citizen, and I'll do my best to enhance our culture, we are not thieves or bad people, is just a matter of perception." 

Instagram: @mmart2222