Nissa Riyas

I am a contemporary artist based in Dubai. My roots are from India. I have been painting for last 16 years. Even though I started painting early in my life, when I really started searching my soul in painting, it took me to travel around the world to find my inspirations. I have visited hundreds of museums and works from old masters to identify myself in painting. In this journey and after my each journey I came back with some new style every time.

My audience always use to wonder when I switch into a new style. I have experimented prodigiously and developed different patterns and forms in my painting. But it was strange to me that always my viewers made some identification on my paintings whatever form and style it use to be. One way I made my distinction because I try to capture the emotions of my subjects and translate it successfully. These subjects are not the one just in front of me and sitting for me, it is my everyday and everywhere subjects and their emotions that will enter my work. A viewer can clearly identify the emotion that attracts them first when they see my paintings and force them to make a correlation. Beyond that, even my emotions and moods are also often enter into the portrays.

As an artist this intrusion is giving me more freedom and I feel this is just. My imagination plays a significant part in all of my works. I cannot identify myself attached to a subject; even with portraits, most times I am only taking the silhouette from my subject. The emotions are coming from elsewhere. I strongly believe in the Buddhist principle of detachment. Keep floating between ideas, styles, and mediums and then ultimately make oneself free from attaching to anything particular. Sometimes I will paint around the complex patterns of the nature. Other time I am obsessed with the most modern and contemporary forms of art. I always kept on floating from landscapes to portraits to still life and so on. But my viewers can always make a connection to my paintings. Because I believe I am influenced by the humans and their emotions surrounding me all the time. It is never easier than said, and you may think this conflicting. It has some deeper influence. A subject can stop me from painting for several days due to this deeper influence. But when it realized that gives birth to a masterwork. You can find me using oil almost in every portrait that I paint because I find it the best medium to reflect emotions.  At the same time I am fervently following acrylic medium in my abstract works. This conflict is an ongoing thing, but it never stops my creations. End of every day. I try to give life to my paintings by travelling myself in these conflicts. This always ends with viewer, not to myself. 

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