Oksana Tanasiv



“I believe in art as an important instrument to improve and change our world. Art is a powerful tool that in many ways generate ideas, thoughts, actions making the observer, creator, curator, collector, everyone who is involved in the art process spiritually and emotionally richer person.”  – Oksana Tanasiv

Oksana Tanasiv (OKSI) is internationally recognized Ukrainian born American artist. She experiments in realistic, surrealistic, neo-folk and pop-art creating art as collections by subject, style, and technique. 

Oksana uses variety of mediums and techniques which allows her to create  paintings, compositions, crystal mosaics, 3- dimensional installations. Oksana’s academic knowledge in psychology enabled artist to experiment with an object in art, intellectual message, and  discover new conceptions in art.

Oksana Tanasiv was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. In the early 90's she had the opportunity to formerly develop her talent by attending art classes at the Chortkiv Pedagogical School. Oksana continued to develop art skills through years of practice. Although she dedicated her formative years to earning degrees in Psychology and Business at two Ukrainian institutes, she remained faithful to developing her artistic skills by painting whenever time allowed.

In 2004 Oksana immigrated to the United  States and began her career as a professional artist. 

Oksana's art has been shown at multiple exhibitions, art fairs, group and solo shows in United States. Since 2012 she collaborates with Fashion Week NYC showing her Fashion Art series every season at Waldorf Astoria, Times Square, New Yorker Hotel, Wall Street and other venues of Fashion Week. 

Fashion art series -  art dedicated to fashion. It includes installations, oil paintings and watercolor illustrations. For creation of these series artist developed an individual techniques of Swarovski® crystals mosaic on canvas, oil stitching, beads, sequins, and fabric sewn on canvas. In 2013 Oksana started work on Couture Art where she applies new materials; some of her pieces contain more than 10,000 Swarovski® crystals, beads, and fabric individually sewn or clued to canvas. 

In Dollar Art Collection she expresses artistic thoughts about the social, political, and economical structure of world, showing the relation between people and money, and how banknotes can influence person's behavior and manipulate person's brain, what limitations and possibilities can be created because of money bills. Oksana’s conception of Dollar Art is in creation of a surreal world on canvas where the surrounding objects, steps, chairs, umbrellas, doors, business suits, glasses, food, trees, people are made of dollar bills. The items are created to deliver a message, showing  interconnection between  corruption and famine, ignorance and war, hardworking and achievement, abuse and protection, gender inequality, political manipulations, and economical issues. For this collection artist uses oil and her another discovered technique of dollar bills collage on canvas.

The latest collection artist works on is Code "U" - it is a collection of abstract compositions created in neo-folk style delivering a very important message - historical cultural code. It is done with using acrylic, oil, and application of gold&silver leaf on board. Symbols, signs, systems and unique patterns used in fashion embroidery since a few thousands years ago by ancestors of Eastern Europeans. According to ethnography’ research the embroidery symbols hold special vibrations, strength, and energy. Author turns the antique symbols into abstract modern combinations and "Codes" by using new media and colors. Besides delivery of energy links, artist creates unique ethnic, neo-folk abstract geometrical art that connects history and culture in lengths of few millenniums.

Oksana Tanasiv is creator of more than 200 art works, installations, and illustrations. Oksana’s art is presented by galleries in NYC and CT (USA), London (UK), Vancouver (Canada), Casa-Museu Medeiros, Museum of Portugal. Tanasiv’s art has been sold to the private collectors worldwide. For more information about the artist, please visit her web-site: