On-Kyeong Seong

On-Kyeong Seong is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She is an artist, primarily a mixed media artist, working and living in suburban Boston, U.S.A. She graduated from School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University receiving MFA degree and BFA from Lesley University, Boston. Her work had been exhibited through locally and internationally. Years ago her mother visited her in Boston and she got a chance to learn how to do a sewing machine from her mother. Since then, she has been falling in love with how the textures of machine embroidery carry emotion. She enjoys using a sewing machine as a tool for art making through this process.

I presented a body of work consisting of displaying biomorphic abstraction developed through unconventional means such as sewing machine as well as painted and sewn collage used to build up a relief surface on the canvas. The abstractions generally take the form of an isolated figure surrounded by the canvas, but also sometimes represent an environment of interrelated forms. The forms evoke association with cell biology, natural microscopic forms, bodily organs, flowers, and carnivorous plants and other combinations of flora and fauna. Those not only give rise to the transformation of the growth of each image but also affect of each other to be idiosyncratic and grotesque and perfect beauty and imperfect beauty but both have same values of beauty without prejudice eyes. On these realms of concepts she imposes aesthetic unity: Every living nature contains its own aesthetic.  She likes to integrate those subjects with her arts by a form of organic from inorganic process.

Website: www.onkyeong.com

Instagram: @on_kyeong

Facebook: facebook.com/eun.k.seong