OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke

I was attracted by “the round” in childhood. And also for the same period, I was shocked the world of an Ukiyoe print and Buddhist painting. After that, while receiving the influence of those, I started to make artwork using my original technique.
Mainly my artwork is expressed in abstract expression in many cases. And also I use Japanese delicate depictions. So I’m trying to blend traditional techniques with thoroughly modern imagery, considering the power of forces unseen, both natural and human. I continue to search for the “something” hidden in all things.

On the other hand, I painted a large EMA and dedicated it to Japanese Shrine in 2011. The EMA is the votive board which the holy offering to a temple and a shrine. I begin to go into EMA culture, and I also work on the spread of EMA culture which has rare Japanese original.

Website: http://oz-te.com/


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