Patrick Hochleitner

 Patrick Hochleitner, born in 1970, grew up in Gastein (Salzburg), owner of a pastry shop in St.Johann in Pongau, is a freelance artist working in Salzburg.

He lives and works in Pinzgau, in Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse.

Student of Heinz Tischer and Siegfried Santoni.

Red Dot ART Academy Salzburg.

My urge, that I feel my thoughts and pictures on a screen to ban is usually not to stop the ideas wandering as a rough sketch and then in a pre drawing on the canvas.

While painting, I let my feelings develop freely, on the one hand, in the head planned pictures that I then create in the process of painting with heart and soul. I have found my way. I wanna touch the viewer with my art.My subjects are diverse, the influence of Cubism and Futurism can not be denied. Pyramids and triangles are always found in my works.