Per-Inge Isheden

Per-Inge Isheden was born in a small countryside town in the middle of Sweden. He started painting while still a child, inspired by his mother who was an amateur artist.

He studied at the Konstfackskolan in Stockholm 1957-61.
 After working 13 years as an art teacher, 1961-74, he started his career as a professional artist by creating a science fiction cartoon for adults.
As a professional artist he has regularly showed his works at galleries and art fairs in Stockholm and other places in Sweden, in Berlin, Copenhagen and London. 2018 he will exhibit in Vienna. 

 In recent years he has become increasingly well-known, especially on the internet and in Stockholm where he finds many of his motives. He has been described as a "romantic with his feet firmly on the pavement". Admirers of his art have noted his preference of winter and bad weather motives, dusk moods with a mixture of disappearing daylight and neon light effects. They also comment on the sensuality of his nudes and the stunning effect of his unorthodox portraits of August Strindberg and old time super stars such as John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix

Artist statement

Painting has always been my passion, something I couldn’t live without. Since I first saw my mother pressing from the tubes those wonderful brilliant glancing colours and mixing them on her pallet. I literally wanted to eat paint!

From my teens I painted on all my free time. During my years in the art school also on Saturdays and Sundays. During my years as teacher on weekends and summer holidays. Then at last full time.

I started mixing the rather conventional painting techniques I learned in the art school, with brush and knife. Then successively adding dripping, splashing and even pouring paint on my canvases. I discovered  the possibilities of transforming an old landscape painting into a portrait, a pair into the back of a woman. 

I looked for inspiration everywhere, not within art but in magazines, comic books, illustrations, old prints, odd road signs, whatever. The colour combination on a big truck, the colour pattern on a fish, the red of a traffic sign.

That chaotic mixture slowly turned into my very personal expression, where I for every new situation choose different parts of my repertoire and my very special way of thinking and solving problems.       


Gall. Steiner Vienna 2018

Gall. Nordic Art Stockholm 2017

Art Nordic, Copenhagen 2014

        Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm 2012, 2014

        Gallery Svea, Stockholm 2014

Art Fair Luftkastellet, Malmö 2013    

        The Gallery, London 2012

        Gallery 40, Stockholm 2008-2012

        Charter boat Qrooz, Stockholm 2010

        Stockholm Art Fair 2001, 2002

        Galerie Grahl, Berlin 1993, 1994, 1995

        Liljewalchs Spring Saloon 1983


     Palm Art Award, international arts 

        certificate of excellence 2010, 2012, nominated for 2014


       Featured in Who's Who in Visual Art, 100 boarding. Artists

        Art Domain Whois Verlag, Leipzig, 2012-13, 2014-15

ArtCompass Whois Verlag, Leipsig, 2016

Forgery of my painting "Drowning" discovered 2012

 “Isheden målar nattens aura”, presentation in the Swedish art magazine Konsttidningen, 2009

 “Painting inside (and outside) the square"

        Presentation in the International Artist, Australia 2001

Other projects     Decorating charter boat with artworks for a cruise

          with the President of Turkey and entourage 2013

 "Fyrtio år och två veckor” autobiografic story published in the Pocket Magazine “R” 2002

Exterior sculpture decoration at a sports hall, Salem 2001

Interiour wall Mosaic in the town hall, Salem 1995

Planning the Museum of Mental Health, Säter 1995

Planning and project management for the Carl Jularbo Museum, 

        honouring a famous Swedish folk musician, 1993

Creator of "Empire of the Spiders", a science fiction cartoon for adults, 1979

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Instagram   @ishedenart

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