Petar Smiljanic

Petar Smiljanic was born in Valjevo, Serbia in 1985. He graduated from Faculty of Architecture in 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia. After he finished master in Architecture he was working in several international companies. He showed passion about painting in his early age learning from his father who is engaged to this art. He is currently based in Shenzhen China, where in parallel to his job as an architect he strives to express his passions on canvas.

Artist statement

'’Human    Arch  -  Scape’’   is a series of paintings that interpret  the human figure  as  building block of architectural  cityscape. Using  various levels  of  abstraction  and experimenting  with  the scale artist develops  a  dialog  in which  the human  is simultaneously  city’s creator  and   destroyer  of  its physical  and  social  ecosystems. Knowledge, sense of space,  perspective as well as digital media techniques derived from his architectural background help him create a unity of the human and the city in a contextual heterogeneous matrix.  The context varies depending on artis’s current location, interests   and emotions, all of which are explored in his painting process.

The portrait series showing existence and presence in the city.  How does city becomes destroyer of human, or it is inevitable that we will destroy each other. We create city and city create ‘’urbanites’’with different moral, ethical and personal values.