Regina Affonso

Regina Affonso was born in Brazil but now deeply rooted in Portugal where she was lived since 1967. Her artistic talents were natured at the Fine Arts Centre of São João da Madeira.

Regina is a member of: AAAGP, Artelista, Art Mageur,Fineart America, Galeria Aberta, Árvore,  Galeria Aberta and L’Agenzia di Arte.

She has enjoyed many solo exhibitions and has participaded in international shows in Portugal, Brazil, Uruguai, Spain, France(Carroussel du Louvre), Italy, Austria, U.S.A, Dubai, Mexic, California, Noruega, Marroco , Singapura, Argentina and German.

Her painting has published in “30 Selected contemporary international Artists- 2º vol.-Museum of the Americas, Artists Across Continents 2014 by ARTCOM, State of the Arts, voll, by Galeria Aberta; Regina Affonso Antologia.

She was awarded at 4º Expovisão Internacional 96-Fotografia; honor mention at the 1ª Arte Expo Oliveira do Bairro-Galeria Aberta-Cais Art’s;Silver Medal at 1 Salão Atravessando Continents by ArtCom and Gallery La Pigna; Gold Medal by AAAGP and Artcom at Galeria Mun. Montemor o Velho; 3rd award 1rst Biennal Taza 2014(Marroco)

Regina’s striking and vibrant art can be found in collections in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Azores, Madeira, Dubai, France, Norway(Oslo) and Marocco.