Rikke Line Andreasen

Born 1974 in Kerteminde 

I have drawn and painted since I was a little girl - simply because I could not help it.
I have been taught at the following schools. Billedskolen (Copenhagen 1995-96), the art academy Escola de la Massana (Barcelona 1996-97) School of Fine Art (Aarhus 1999-01) .The last seventeen years I have worked almost exclusively full-time with my paintings. 

I paint figuratively with motifs inspired by my surroundings - I get drawn by people with special radiance, and I try to express and reawaken this charisma through my compositions and colors. 

Materials I use mainly oil, but works sometimes also with acrylics, ink and wax on canvas. I am a City person, currently I live in Copenhagen, previously I`ve lived in London, Barcelona and Berlin. I love living in the big city with all it's noise, light and vibrant life, with people from all different cultures, and different environments, and where music, Food, Architecture, Theater and Art are easily accessible. I grew up in a small town by the sea, surrounded by beautiful Forests and fields. And when I'm in the nature today, I almost feel that I am in a holy place - nature's beauty, wildness and fragility are magical to me. Therefore it hurts me and it scares me, when I see how we humans destroy and pollute our Planet. 

I try to express these feelings in my paintings. I paint the images that for some reason pops up in my head, or I deliberately provoke inspired by something I have heard, seen or experienced. Once an idea for a painting has manifested itself in my head, it stays until it has been painted on to the canvas. I know the painting is finished when the idea has left my mind. 

Currently my work involves mixing nature with man-made objects. This theme began five years ago when I painted a series of deer from the idea of making my own personal interpretation of the traditional paintings of “the roaring stag". In these works I tried to create a beautiful world in a grotesque universe by adding some edge to the traditional motif through contrasts, humour and irony. 

As an extension of my deer-paintings, I continued in the animal kingdom and painted goats, bears, a moose and Birds. This time I chose to make the "ugliness" such as garbage beautiful by neutralizing the colours, but still keep it in focus by making the texture lifelike. I constantly seek to challenge myself by trying out new paint styles and experimenting with the reproduction of texture such as glass, metal and plastic. 

I hope the audience will view my paintings with contemplation, but also with a smile. 

Places I have exhibited Juried exhibitions: 

2017. Trevisan International Art Unique Realities, Madrid Spain 2017. Mult Helligaandshuset, Copenhagen Denmark
2017. INTERNATIONAL ART Museo MIIT Torino Italy
2017. ICONS OF ART Ferrajoli Palace, Roma Italy 

2014. TIA International Art Exhibition, Bologna Italy 

2014. International Art Festival, Kerteminde Denmark 

2013. HCA kunstudstilling, Fillosoffen Odense Denmark 

2013. International Art Festival, Kerteminde Denmark 

2012. International Art Festival, Kerteminde -Named Artist of the Year 

Arts organizations and exhibitions
Exhibition Odense City hall “ Art against Cancer” 

2017. M.A.D Gallery Milan Biennial of Art Milan Italy 

 2016. M.A.D. Gallery Contemporary and Collective Art Exhibition, Milan Italy 2015. Onkel Olga`s Galleri, Svendborg Denmark
2014. Galleria de Marchi, Bologna Italy
2014. Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen Denmark 

2012. Galloperiet, Copenhagen Denmark 2011. Galleri Olsen, Copenhagen Denmark 2011. Kulturzentrum Buz, Minden Germany 2010. Galleri Kellers gaard Denmark 

2005. Galleri Kik, Kerteminde Denmark 2005. Levin`s hus, Faaborg Denmark 2005. Bryghuset, Faaborg Denmark Art fairs 

2008. Artville, Berlin Germany 2007. Art in mind, Skagen Denmark 2006. Art in mind, Vejle Denmark 

Email: rikkeline007@hotmail.com

Website: www.malerierafrikkelineandreasen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rikkelineandreasen/