Roberto Trementino

“Think big,” every empty wall whispered. And he started thinking big...

Growing up between the glorious Italian painter of the Renaissance from his native country and the rebellious graffiti artist of his country of residence, Germany, street art artist Roberto Trementino knew early on not to be afraid of big, white spaces.

In truth, they were calling to him like a siren's song and he was seduced by the beauty of art the age of 14 when he held a spray can for the first time. His large-scale “Conceptual Art” is sometimes naïve, surreal, abstract, realistic, or even comic-like – all of it a testament to the impressive range of his professional abilities.

His extraordinary skills make him a very sought-after commissioned artist working with clients to develop the most elaborate concepts. The designs for special campaigns correspond fabulously beautiful to the firm’s corporate identity.

The comissioner only has to give him the hint of an idea and then his artistic mind taps into many different Areas of inspiration relying heavily on his instincts and feelings. His specialty is blending his work into the real world and extending what is already there: doors and corners, for example, are treated as if they weren’t an obstacle, but already part of the picture. 

His very own artistic work is influenced by but not limited to the art trends of surrealism, literalism, and partly also abstract art. For him, there are no borders, no rules, and he trusts his instincts and relies on his gut. He is a firm believer in learning as a life-long experience. 

Roberto Trementino was born in Italy, and now is resident in Dortmund, Germany.

His art is strictly Aerosol art, no brushes,  100% sprycan on wall, steel or canvas.