Sandrine Langlade

Sandrine Langlade has been painting since her childhood in Reunion Island, Indian Ocean. Over the last 12 years, she has been regularly exhibiting her paintings in Europe, Brazil and the United-States.

Her creative work is characterized by an explosion of bright, lively colours, with geometrical truncated shapes, asymmetrical, simultaneously deconstructed and reconstructed, often with figurative motifs.

Two recurrent subjects emphasize her pictorial style: nature/universe and femininity, on a synaesthesia (musical gardens, gaudy farandoles’…).

Her creative process is very intimate: at first, she lets her brush rule, enclosing feelings, sensations and emotions in the canvas. Then, her consciousness comes to build the composition of the artwork. At the end of the process, some recognizable figures might appear... or not ! Because what she most likes is allowing the public to wander from her artworks, drift and get lost in it.

Her inspiration comes from current life: she lives everything with passion, feeling 200% of the emotions. The rest comes from studying, learning, and being more and more able to answer to the core question in her work: “how do I translate what I can see and feel into impactful art pieces?” Emotions are what really feed her work. “how do I translate what I experiment and feel into impactful art pieces?” Emotions are what really feed her work. Two recurrent subjects emphasize her pictorial style: nature / universe and femininity.


    •    2017 : Spectrum Art Show, Miami

    •    2017 : Alchemic Body, Bogota

    •    2017 : Consciousness, Venezia

    •    2017 : Rosso Cinabro, Roma

    •    2017 : New-York Artexpo, New-York City

    •    2016 : Kunst Lives Matter, Berlin

    •    2016 : International Art Fair, Barcelona

    •    2016 : 99 Advisory, Paris

    •    2015 : Singulières et plurielles, Grenoble

    •    2015 : 92e Salon, Grenoble

    •    2014 : Art Design Show, Saint-Tropez

    •    2014 : Salon d'été, Le Lavandou

    •    2009 : "Visions urbaines", Paris

    •    2009 : "Rougeoyantes impudeurs", Paris

    •    2007 : "Un Jeu de Dames", Paris

    •    2006 : "Citadines", Brasilia, Brésil

    •    2005 : "Senteurs tropicales", Porto Alegre, Brésil

Instagram: @sandrine_langlade

Facebook: @sandrinelanglade