Shaun Haugen


Born and homegrown in Austin, TX (1986) where people now call true natives of my city ‘unicorns’ because we are few and far between and because our existence is seen with the eye as a sort of magical-cultural-groovy Austin ambiance.  That said, I’m proud to be thought of as a mythological creature and I must state that growing up in a miniature city within a forest of live oaks, pecans, cedar, wildflowers and other naturally enchanted beauty has influenced my identity and subsequently my artistic practice.  I feel that art and artists must inherently acquire a particular type of vibe that contributes to their demeanor and artistic existence.  I attribute my childhood exposure to freedom – freedom of being street savvy while surrounded by nature within a cityscape, freedom of rebelliousness that came out of my non-restricting parentally lax oversight, and freedom of thought from exposure to a political climate of extreme left politics. All three character traits (street savviness, rebelliousness, and exposure to leftist politics) have been tamed through maturity, the demand to conform, and strict state sponsored rehabilitation. But all can be seen as mild influences that I carry with me into my art where I have the freedom to be as radical or as ideal as desired.

Artist Statement:

My work intends to experiment with portrayal of the exotic.  Through depiction of not only exotic plant life, but devious and sensual ideas that might come to mind revolving around far away escapes, I explore the concept of western desire for something primitive yet glamorous at the same time.


Texas State University – San Marcos, TX

Enrolled in academic studies towards a degree in Studio Art with a focus 

in Painting and a minor in English Writing; expected graduation May 2019

School of the Alternative – Black Mountain, NC

Experimental Arts Program; Summer 2017, Summer 2018

Austin Community College – Austin, TX

Associate of Arts 2016

California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, CA

Architecture 2004-2006

Studied Glassblowing as an Apprentice and then Assistant under direction 

of master glassblower Aaron Gross (now at Simon Pierce), 2003 - 2004 & 

2006 – 2010