Shino Takizawa

Former interior designer and self-taught painter Shino Takizawa was born in rural Japan. Growing up in a rich natural environment, surrounded by plants, flowers, insects and birds, her childhood spent among nature instilled in her a desire to seek out beauty.

'The creation of beauty and the search for spirit' is at the core of her work, which is full of rich and vibrant oil colors and makes use of dots and interconnected lines. Her paintings are the expression of a beauty of fusions; the clear with the vague, the bold with the delicate. These have been influenced by her prior experience in Japanese calligraphy and interior design.

 Artist Statement: 

Ever since I was a child, I have always sought to create beauty in some form or another. This is because the existence of beautiful things brings me joy.  For example, my search until now has included Western textiles, Japanese calligraphy, and interior design, and these have all had an influence on the pictures I am working on now.

For me, painting is at once a search for universal beauty and a dialogue with oneself. By carefully listening to my own heart, I am able to use my paintings to express what I understand to be my heart's voice. Sometimes, this is a complex emotional response to what is going on in the world or around me. Sometimes, it is the simple enjoyment of painting, enjoyment of the paint with its beautiful colors and textures. Whatever it is I feel, what goes into all of my paintings is the hope that when other people look at them, they will feel the same happiness that I do when I look at paintings.