Shunsuke Kawasaki


SHUNSUKE  KAWASAKI Shunsuke Kawasaki

Born in 1979 OSAKA JAPAN

Art technical college graduation in 2001

2006- Win a prize at the “AMUSE ARTJAM 2006” and display at the Kyoto culture museum 

2008- Exhibition in New York (individual show)

 2009- Exhibition in New York

 Florence Biennale 2009 (Italy) Invitation                    

 2010- The work is published in the book International Contemporary Masters 

 Exhibition in Las Vegas

 Exhibition in Canada Montreal

 2011- Exhibition in New York

 The present:

               Produce operations at home as an atelier in China.



I am creating works using ABS resin and aluminum. The creation method is simple, cutting the ABS plate with an acrylic cutter, dissolve the cut parts with a solvent and connect It. So that, can make the constitute it original form.

However, this requires a huge amount of manual work and time, and it has considerable perseverance.

In recent years, I make the basic work with ABS first. And then, this is converted into a 3D drawing at 1/1 size by computer. And using that data, I make art work by scraping solid aluminum by industrial processing machine (machining center).

In addition, the work made of aluminum is designed as a speaker. High-end original quality speakers and amplifier are built in, and playing such as the music is possible in Bluetooth.

This product is also my sculpture art work, but it is also an industrial product that can be mass-produced.


Many of the art works draw countless lines.

Trees (branches and tree roots) gather, and the aggregate forms one shape.