Simon Maarouf

Dubai based artist Simon Maarouf, has quickly become one of the bright Pop artists of today.

Always on the iconic figures, his art is extremely dynamic and is distinguished by his use of contrasting colors and shapes. His artwork is most immediately recognized by his distinctive unique faces, subject and figures.

Simon was born in Damascus, Syria in 1985 and this is where he grew up. Raised in a big family in the mountains with a constant passion within the Art scene. As a teenager, Simon was always fascinated by all the History and beauty that can be found within the old streets of Damascus and this is the place where Simon was always seeking his inspiration from.

Combining unique creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, Simon started to draw and quickly realized that he had found his passion.

Simon moved to Dubai in 2012 to stay with his older brother as the political instability in Syria became unlivable, he felt the inspiration slowly faded away and he was surrounded with insecurity and discomfort. He realized that his dreams were crashing in front of his eyes and he knew the time had come where he needed change. A change that could make the inspiration come back and where he could be creative and work in his own comfort zone.

Simon arrived to Dubai with excitement and without expectation ready for a new chapter of his life to start. This ultra-modern city has now become his new home which is used as his canvas. This is the place where his creativity has started to blossom again and this is also where he began his career.

In 2013, Simon held his first exhibition in Berlin, Germany at the Q216 which is located with close proximity to the fashionable Alexanderplatz. A building which is a home to 100's of students and surrounded by young and trendy skateboarders. A successful event where Simon exceeded to showcase a big part of his portfolio.

Due to the recent success, the same owner of the Q216 building has now reached out to Simon to have his drawings hanged on the walls permanently at his Q99 building.

Those events have made Simon to host another exhibition in November 2014 at the View in Berlin located opposite the new national gallery which is one of the most important museums in Berlin. The exhibition will be a mixture of different artists, both established artists as well as new upcoming artists within the contemporary art scene.


2015 SELF IDENTITIES - Faces, Spaces, Places

Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi & Venice Art House. Italy 2015 Contemporary Venice, Palazzo Dolfin Bollani

Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi & Venice Art House. Italy 2015 Contemporary Venice, Palazzo Dolfin Bollani


Paris Franc from 27 to 30 May Art Shopping Carrousel Du Louvre 2016



Shortlisted candidate EMERGING ARTIST AWARD 2016 UAE

Shortlisted THE ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2016  UAE



Facebook: Simon Maarouf