Sinikka Elfving

I was born 1949 in Northern part of Finland close to Arctic Circle. I lived my childhood in an environment of a climate where the winters were very cold and the summers warm, but short.  In the beginning of the summer season the sun never goes down under the horizon, the nights are bright as in the daylight. We call this phenomena “ The summer of nightless nights, SOLE DI MEZZANOTTE.  The nature is full of contraries beyond the arctic circle.  The sky meets the Arctic Ocean at the highest border in the North called ULTIMA THULE.  

My childhood memories from the arctic life, colors of the seasons are visible in my art.  I usually find the greatest inspiration in the nature and I find numerous symbols in flowers and birds, waters andrivers, forests and fields.  Also the impressions of the harsh environment in the winter time has become a part in my works.  It reflects the powerlessness in front of the rough forces of the nature and evokes silent respect in me and my works turn to a Nocturn of Shadow. 

I started my artistic career later in life, but painting was since the childhood my dearest hobby and greatest passion.  In the years  1972 – 1981 I lived in Austria and studied Philosophy and Psychology and work in the psychiatric rehabilitation. I graduated from the University of Salzburg 1981.

My education in Philosophy and Psychology has influence on my art as well. I paint about bright and dark sides of life, death, meaning of life, healing, peace and beauty of life on earth, the nature and the human culture. I have become an artist for humanity. 

We are one human race. Deep down in our souls we feel joy, sorrow and pain in the same way which makes us to ONE KIND of people, the human kind. 

We all look for happiness in life, we fall and rise. We are longing for the lost paradise, but it could be found closer than we believe. Our happiness in life could be evolving within ourselves;  when our spiritual evolution movesforward we wouldfind peace within.  According to BuddisticPhilosophy Peace is the ultimate happiness.

With my art I can hopefully inspire people to value the spiritual meaning of life, to respect life in all shapes, to protect the nature and work for peace between nations and people within.

Peace is a word. It can expand in billions, create new galaxies in our minds and help to build bridges over to the eternity, where we all come from, find “ FONTE DI VITA” within our selves and celebrate life. 

We do not live separated from the entire Universe. The world needs restoring energies, universal understanding and the power of all people to heal the Mother Earth. We become  reflexions of our environments and people when we learn to judge and hate our fellow human beings during a life time.

In order to reach a turning point in our spiritual evolution we need to listen to the wisdom of Universal Love that is peaceful and has healing powers.  The art of life is a serial of never ending possibilities of our free will.  It is up to us which way we will walk in these dark times of the man kind. Only we people can make the human race possible. We have the tools to educate our children to a new kind of thinking thatisnotjudging.   Small children have no prejudices, we should  not teach them to have.

As artist I debuted internationally 2013 when I participated in the Biennale of Chianciano In Italy. Since then I have exhibited in art fairs and collective art shows in Rome, Palermo , Taormina, Sardinia, Milano, Venice, Stuttgart,   Miami, Los Angeles,  Las Vegas, New York,  Paris , Vienna and London. I had my first solo exhibition in Rome 2014.

I also received international prizes: Sandro Botticelli Prize 2014, Michel Angelo Prize 2014, Marco Polo Prize 2014, Mazullo Prize 2014, Roma Imperial Prize 2014, Best Artists Prize 2014, Artist of the Year 2015, International Contemporary artists Prize 2015 , Leonardo da Vinci Prize 2015 , Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo David di Bernini and Anne Franc Prize for Peace and human Rights 2015, Canaletto Prize 2016, Tiepolo Prize 2016,  Art and Science Prize 2016.

My art was published in connection with the participation in the project  ARTIST FOR UNICEF : “ Your Art to save Nepals’ childen.”  and in International Art magazines:  Effetto Arte, International Contemporary Masters, Over Art, Best Contemporary Artists,  Contemporary Artists of the World,  Artisti Italiani,  Arte nel Mondo.  World Wide Art Los Angeles catalog , Chianciano Biennale catalog, London Biennale catalog. David di Bernini Prize magazine,  Premio Internationale Tiepolo Arte - Milano, Arte International Contemporary Magazine, Canaletto Prize catalog, Biennale Riviera del Brenta catalog.