Sol Felpeto

Sol Felpeto is a multicultural artist born in Venezuela 1990. At the age of 4 her family moved to Madrid where she spent her childhood and did primary school. Due to her father´s job the family has been always travelling and living around but in 2001 they were settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, once finished secondary school, her hobby, horse riding, led her to enter Vet school while working as jewellery designer. Since little, she has always been attracted to art and design but it was not until 2012 that she decided to go back to Madrid and study a Fashion Design degree, making her specialty Creative Direction at IED university and graduated in 2016.  Her studies made her develop herself as a painter and illustrator and create her own style which she likes to call “Poop Arttoons”, a mix of art, animals and cartoons. Definetly humor is what you can find in her work.  She did her very first exhibition in Madrid  accompained by other spanish illustrators of  the new millenium. She is now represented by Atrium Gallery Marbella.

"Translating art into fun is my mission, make a conection between what we already know and something totally new to surprise and amuse my audience. This leads me to a process of research and understanding of my references that helps me imagine my own characters inside the story. It's about rewritting history, a reeanactment, a circus, where the main characters are the so called "Poop Arttoons", restless, foolish and mischevious animals that prowl around every piece of art"

IG: @solfepeto

Facebook: /solfelpetoartist