Sophia Duggleby-Tian

Artist Statement and Bio:

I only started painting when I left my home country of China to come to London in 2016. Perhaps it was homesickness or maybe a sudden freedom that drew me to paint, I don't know. But the roots which support my creativity are as tangled and confusing as the world around us.
For me art is therapy. Drugs would only create an artificial happiness, as ephemeral as it is manufactured. Art is something real, physical, and every painting is a small door to my innermost feelings, a frozen frame of my demons, or hopes, or thoughts, or observations. And each one therefore becomes a record, an emotion vented onto wood, which tempers the fizzing hormones from where it was created.
I am not educated in art. Life is education and art should be natural, free from the rules that bind society and create our anguish. Who can tell anyone how to express something? How to represent an anger or joy unique to themselves? Who defines colours which compliment or composition which pleases? To force raw emotion through the rigid meat-grinder of rules can only destroy the essence of the original urges.
My art reflects my own need to control my world, to reign in the unstructured chaos of the world and to package it into blocks of colour. Perhaps a reflection of my obsession with design and perfection, the wild abandon of unbound splashes of paint terrify me. My art is measured and mathematical, composed and crafted in the same way a product would be.
Many may think my work lacking in humanity and feeling, however, each painting begins not as a blank white soulless canvas, but as a textured and rich slice of wood, grown from something living and laden with history; a story cut out and packaged in 3:2 format onto which I can express myself.
Some would say the measured structure of my paintings flies in the face of my claim that my art is a representation of confused and chaotic emotions, but who is to say how the next person should deal with understanding life? If there are no rules in art, there certainly are no rules in tending to the human mind.


2018 Contemporary Painting Exhibition

         Brick Lane Gallery, London