Stefanie Pietschmann

Stefanie Pietschmann is a documentary photographer who was born in 1986 (in the former GDR) and grew up in a small town in central Germany. While studying “Specialized journalism” in the city of Bremen, she discovered her passion for photography in 2009. Since then the camera became more and more the means of expression for the self-taught photographer.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Europe and Israel and has also been featured in multiple publications. 

Currently, Pietschmann is based in Tel Aviv where she is working on further projects. 

“Society, life, and nature deeply inspire me - they have endless interesting stories to tell. Unfortunately, most of them get lost in the shuffle, and this is why I am passionate about capturing the message of items, places, and people that appear to be under-represented in our fast-paced life. The camera gives me the possibility to capture moments, which show, reflect and question our surroundings, values and social constructs.”