Steve Howland

Growing up in Southern California near the Pacific Ocean had a big influence in my life. I spent many weekends out on the water fishing with my father. I worked at a boat hoist while in college and my eventual degree was in marine biology. However, life took me in another direction. I became an elementary school teacher, I got married and had four children and we moved to the upper Midwest of the United States, far from the ocean. After several years of teaching in the public school system I became a stay at home dad, home schooling our children. As the children grew and moved out I was presented with spare time. Having always been interested in building and creating things, I decided that I would pick up wood turning. Having no experience though, I relied on YouTube videos the learn the basics. Quickly I realized that doing segmented turning, gluing pieces of wood together creating designs and shapes, gave me unlimited options for creativity. Although not exclusively, I have done several pieces with a nautical theme. I enjoy creating sailboats in my art as a way to reconnect with my love of the ocean.I have also branched out with new challenges and experimenting with more intricate designs as well as vessel shapes.