Sven Weigle

Sven Weigle came into contact with web design, graphic design, photography and the wide field of art at a very early age because of his grandparents’ reproduction business, Weigle Reprotec. Primarily due to the influence by his grandfather, Theo Weigle, a successful painter and sculptor, art has become an important and decisive part of Sven´s life and he pursues it with great passion. During Sven´s stays in the United States, he was able to impress with several exhibitions on the topic Art meets Graphic Design and received numerous awards for his art exhibits as “Outstanding Male Artist”.

Sven describes his art as expressive-abstract „grafic art“. The realisation of such artistic projects, particularly the implementation of something abstract into something specific, delights and fascinates him. A special feature of his work is the compositional creative interplay of the various picture elements. This interaction of the independent but also reuniting picture levels creates an exciting and simultaneously fascinating picture atmosphere. With his works of art, he wants to not only delight the viewer and take him from the daily routine into a world of artistic variety but also to allow room for individual interpretations and great pleasure. As inspiration, Sven uses the variety of life and nature and his experience in the interaction with people who, with their individuality, behaviour and being as they are, repeatedly provide him with new input for artistic work and his own development. Sven´s trademarks are the bobble cap and the stickframe. (Mail) (Website) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Facebook) (Tumblr) (Flickr) (LinkedIn)