Sylvia Lockhart


After a successful career in the marketing industry in New York City, Sylvia Lockhart returned to University in the U.S. to pursue BA in Spanish Cultural Studies and Art History.  Since moving to the UK in 2011 she has taken numerous photography courses, most recently obtaining the City and Guilds Photography Certificate. 

She is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and the Hampstead Photographic Society with whom she has exhibited her work annually. She is also a member of the Latinaria Collective, a group of Latin American artists and has exhibited with them at The Other Art Fair in London. Additionally, she is also a member of the ContemporArti group of artists from northwest London.

Her extensive worldwide travel has led her on a creative journey to a discovery of fine art photography.  During the past few years she has been exploring various themes and techniques inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Her focus is discovering nature’s own abstract expressions and how to transform them into a minimalist photograph that allows the viewer to find a place for mindfulness contemplation. Her style is instinctive and aims to mirror a painterly approach. 

Artist statement:

Through her series of abstract landscapes, Sylvia explores various themes about our increasing detachment from nature.  Using intentional motion, she aims to capture the juxtaposition of the mindfulness quality in nature with the tension of that moment in time, as an analogy for the balance we all strive for in our busy urban lives.  Sylvia Lockhart’s series, Zensets and Seascapes, for instance, explore those vibrant and dynamic moments just after sunset or at the sea shore when there is a burst of color and movement followed by the meditative stillness.


 •    Hampstead Photographic Society Summer Exhibit 2015, 2016, 2017 (2018 TBD).

    •    The Other Art Fair, London. March 30th 2017, October 5th 2017.

    •    ContemporArti Group Summer Exhibit, London. June 2017.

    •    Grid Art Fair, London, April 27-29, 2018.

    •    Walpole Barn, Maine, USA.

    •    Indigo Art Studio, Newburyport, Massachusetts, April 2018.


 •    2018: Bronze Medal, RPS Creative Group Exhibit. Camps Bay, 2017.

    •    2016: Short-listed for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, Kew Gardens, 2016.

    •    2015: London School of Photography, March winner, Arctic Abstract Sunset.